Aldeia indígena de limão verde: escola, comunidade e desenvolvimento local




This paper aims to analyze the Terena community from the village Limão Verde, placed in the county of Aquidauana, related to the role of Lutuma Dias School located in the village and offering an Elementary School education. facing the ethnic development. It looks forward to know if the school has enabled the community to formulate projects concerning their own development. It starts from ethnographic texts analysis which relate behaviors and actions of the Terena people as well as their political rules adopted in that community. It shows the trajectory Aruak-Guaná-Terena, as a people which where the idea of suffering cultural changes is concerned is aware that is a people who needs to keep the values that identify them as Terena. It indicates the challenge of building the Terena indian school of Limão Verde, based on the trajectory of this society, on the struggle for their territory enlargement and focused on the strengthening of the local community.


educação escolar comunidade indígena. local development. indian community planejamento urbano e regional scholar education esenvolvimento local.

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