Afrolatinoamericanas... una experiencia de subversión estereotípica en el museo de la mujer de Buenos Aires


Horiz. antropol.




In this paper I will focus on the theatrical performance Afrolatinoamericanas... held in the Women's Museum of Buenos Aires in 2010 by a theater group that focuses on the visibilization of Afro descendants in Argentina, a nation that continues to define itself as white-European and specifies that the population of descendants of enslaved people of African origin have disappeared. The analysis of the staging of that performance, together with some historical sources, will help me establish continuity relations between exposure situations, objectification and stereotyping emerged in Europe and some of the guidelines that were sustaining the racialized/sexualized representations for black women in Argentina. Emphasizing the critical reutilization of some of these elements, I will propose to rethink this artistic-political intervention of self-representation as a privileged platform for challenging stereotypes.

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