África indômita:missionários capuchinhos no reino do Congo (século XVII) / Indomitable Africa: capucin missionaries in kingdom of Congo (XVII centrury)




During the XVII century, an accentuated presence of capucin missionaries in Central Africa marked definitely its history. This work analizes the extension of the impact of the Capucin missions in the established relations between the Portuguese crown and the local authorities in Central Africa, since these missionaries were directly under the papado authority, by means of the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fide. In doing that, we analyze the way (conflicted or not) that the Capucins dealed with local authorities and population and with the Portuguese royal house. Through the accounts and mailing of the Order of Capucin Minor Friars missionaries, that had been in Congo kingdom between 1645 and 1665, period of countless conversions of Africans to Christianity, we examine the political-social context and the characteristics of this African Catholicism, in order to understand how Africans and Europeans adapted and reelaborated the Christian belief in the context of contact experiences.


kingdom of kongo - (xvii centrury) history of africa catholic missions - xvii century missões católicas - século xvii história da África capuchinhos capucins reino do congo

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