Aerossóis Atmosféricos: Medidas de Concentração sobre o Estado do Ceará. / Atmospheric Aerosols: Measurements of Concentration on the state of Ceara.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This work is a dissertation that aims to get standards in scientific measurements of the concentration of aerosols in the atmosphere over the State of Ceará and estimate empirical relationships between cloud condensation nuclei and nuclei of condensation on the basis of a set of supersaturation and the altitude. Data were used: the concentration of aerosols collected on flights aboard the aircraft instrumented ALPA of the State Ceará University and in soil. The study comprised the littoral, central hinterland and highlands regions of Araripe and Ibiapaba, Brazil. Served as the basis for the research parameters CN concentration, CCN concentration, CCN/CN ratio, supersaturation and height, chronological time, statistical correlations between variables, and curves statistics trends. Aerosol measurements indicated the existence of well-defined standards for concentrations of CCN and CN taken in distinct regions. Indicated also that the concentration of CCN falls with height while increasing the supersaturation. Standards for regions taken a priori as polluted and unpolluted were determined. Also became well established ratio between CCN and CN. The average concentration of CCN and CN and CCN/CN ratio found for each of the regions were respectively: West Coast: 532 cm-3, 74 cm-3, 0.13; East Coast: 102 cm-3, 57 cm-3, 0.55; central hinterland: 132 cm, 24 cm-3, 0.18; highland region: 240 cm, 30 cm-3, 0.125; Mountain Urucum: 1904 cm-3, 121 cm-3, 0.06; UECE (Fortaleza): 5176 cm-3, 612 cm-3, 0.11. Same factors limited analyses: few sampled data; absence of vertical profile of sampling, release of airspace, measuring equipment for size distribution of particulate matter filters collectors for chemical analysis. These factors that serve as suggestions for future work and thus obtain relationships that could be improved and applied in various studies.


fisica aerossóis atmosféricos atmospheric aerosols

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