Adoção de tecnologia: um estudo sobre o uso de software livre nas empresas / Technology adoption: a study about the free software use in companies




Free software has been, in the previous years, subject of attention from technology professionals and the specialized press. In bibliography, it s possible to find that there are free softwares good enough to take care of most of enterprise needs, and that there are real advantages in it s use, mainly because of costs reduction. However, the market share of these programs is very small, and is restricted just to specific niches. This work searches for, using a qualitative methodology and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), the factors that explains why the free software use is expressively lower than the proprietary ones in Brazilian companies. For the conduction of research, the universe of companies was limited to those which owns more than 30 and less than 160 keyboards. In these companies, we searched for the perceptions concerning free software, in order to find the factors that lead to the described situation. As a result, we saw that the free software low market share situation can be explained as a conjunction of two main factors: the network externalities and the high migration costs.


free software software livre technology administration tecnologia administração

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