Adequação de um lisimetro de sucção para monitoração da agua do solo em saneamento




The preservation of water resource is a question of surViva1 of -humanity,being one ofgreat preocupations os leadership politics, scientifics and academics. Nevertheless,is necessary to adapt the monítoring this resources of a brazílian reality, using equipments of easy operation and cost lous. For example, the lysimeters the succtíon are constitutíve for a PVC pipe and a porous capsule, being that -in Brazil are make and comercialize always porous capsule of ceramics. However, in this work, are to going monitorate lysimeters the sucction developed with porous capsule of ceramícs and others materials. The lysimeters the succtíon are .going to collect in the range time determinate, under variations of vacuum aplicate. Posteriorly, the same are going to Install in the recipient eith soil, with adition " the determinate volume of water collect of "lake of {Unicamp", where are going to collect samples in the range time determinate too, without variation of evaluate in relation a quantitatives aspects: volume collect and qualitatives: pH electrical conductivity, COD and phosphorus. The gotten results had recomended the use of the lyslmeters the sucction confectioned With porous sintery plastic capsule, the Installation of the tysimeters the sucction in inverted way in the -ground and not the use of the lysimeters the succtíon confectioned with porous ceramic capsule in the determination of COD and phosphorus


lisimetro aguas residuais no solo recursos hidricos - desenvolvimento esgotos

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