Acoustical and thermal performance of multilayer closing panels used in steel-structured buildings


REM, Int. Eng. J.




Abstract This article provides an evaluation of the acoustical and thermal performance of some closing systems by referencing materials such as cement plates, plasterboard walls, precast concrete panels and expanded polystyrene. Reverberation time is calculated by applying an empirical formula, which uses temperature and relative air humidity values obtained from simulations that were conducted using the computational simulation program ESP-r (Energy Simulation Program-research). The internal temperature presented by the ESP-r is an indicator of thermal performance. Using a simplified graphic method, the acoustical performance is also evaluated by estimating the loss of sound transmission that occurs through the closing panels. Combinations of these panels, which form multilayer panels mediated by a layer of air and with or without insulating material between them, are applied. The results show that multilayered closing systems, when filled with insulating material, are an efficient solution than can provide adequate acoustical and thermal performance.

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