Acesso à informação e o interesse popular pela política : estudo da influência das transmissões da TV Senado sobre o interesse de estudantes na política nacional




The present research had as objective to describe the influence of the information transmitted for the TV Senate on the Mixing Commission Parliamentarian of Inquiry of the Post offices, "CPI dos Correios", in the formation of the journalism students politics opinion. As the subject is little studied in the scopes of the Science of the Information and the academic research, a case study was opted . The CPI of the Post offices was transmitted by the TV Senate without edition and no differentiated interference, in relation to the other commercial medias. The commission was realized from June of 2005 until the April of 2006, and had origin from denunciations of corruption involving the Post offices. The subject called the attention through all the country and was divulged by all the medias. The CPI of the Post offices extended the visibility of the TV Senate. The Senate TV surpassed the hearing of other commercial senders and registered the biggest hearing of its ten years of history, completed in February of 2006. The transmissions of the complete sessions, live or showed, had given, to the viewer, the chance to follow the parliamentary works in a detailed way. The research with a explorative and descriptive character, used a survey of opinions with alternatives chosen questionnaires based on daily experiences and space for commentaries or alternative not mentioned (half-open), was made with students of journalism of the Uniderp - MS. The searched tried to verify the reactions (opinions politics and intentions of vote) of the students about the parliamentarians and the politics with the information gotten in the transmissions of the TV Senate. The daily pay-test to test the instrument of collection of data was made with sutdents of 1, 2 and 3 years of journalism. The final version of the questionnaire, auto-managed, with half-open questions, was applied in classroom, only once, with the presence of the teacher, with 28 students of the seventh semester. But twelve, because of having attended of some form or at some moment the transmission of the CPI of the Post offices for the TV Senate had been the final respondents of this research. The analysis of the questionnaire showed that, with the analyzed group, the transmission can interfere in the opinions and politics decisions of the students. Finally, directions and recommendations are pointed to the accomplishment of new research.


tv senado public tv process of communication ciencia da informacao politics opinion cpi dos correios legislative tv cpi of the post offices tevê legislativa tv senate

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