A vivência do aluno com distúrbio do processamento auditivo no contexto de ensino-aprendizagem: uma experiência em aulas de língua inglesa




The aim of this study is to describe and interpret the phenomenon the living experience of students with auditory processing disorder in the teaching-learning context, considering the perspective of the people who lived this experience: the teacher-researcher and three students diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. The theoretical foundations of this study lie on: (a) Vygotskys learning and development view (1930/1998 e 1934/2005); (b) the relation between affective aspects and the teachinglearning process according to Wallon (1979, 1986 e 1941/2007) and followers, such as Mahoney (2007), Almeida (1999) Leite e Tassoni (2002); (c) the concept of special needs and inclusion according to Glat (2004), (2004), Mitler (2003) Gonzáles (2007) and others; (d) the concept of learning disabilities according to Garcia (1998), Weiss e Cruz (2007) and others; and (e) types of learning disabilities and the concept of auditory processing disorder as stated by Smith e Strick (2001), Machado (2003), Pereira (1997) and others. This study was conducted in a Primary/Secondary Education private regular school in a town in the state of Sao Paulo. The collection of textual registers occurred in the English classes taught by this teacher-researcher. The instruments used were: field notes, interviews and questionnaires. This research was carried out based on the Hermeneutic Phenomenological Approach (van Manen, 1990) to describe and interpret the phenomenon in question, using the process of thematization systematized by Freire (2007), based on the proposal of van Manen (1990). My interpretation of the textual registers revealed that the phenomenon the living experience of students with auditory processing disorder in the teaching-learning context may be seen as consisting of four themes: Aspects of Learning, Educational Action, Affection and Inter- Personal Relationships


dificuldades de aprendizagem aprendizagem linguistica aplicada teaching-learning lingua inglesa -- estudo e ensino auditory processing disorder distúrbio do processamento auditivo ensino disturbios da audicao learning disabilities english language special needs educacao especial

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