A VERDADE É A CONVERSA: Aproximações inesperadas entre o neo-pragmatismo de Richard Rorty e a Teologia da Libertação em Juan Luis Segundo / The truth si the conversation: Unexpected approaches between the neo-pragmatism of Richard Rorty and Liberation Theology in Juan Luis Segundo


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This study si an attempt to promote a sharing of expectations between the philosopher Richard Rorty neo pragmatism, mainly from the works Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature and Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity and The Liberation of Theology, in its more prominent expert, Juan Luis Segundo, with primary focus on the works The Liberation of Theology and O Dogma que Liberta (The Dogma which Sets Free). Its developed here an approach of staring to the truth and the revelation, conceived as pedagogical methods. The truth, not as a religious concept, of what is searched to give sense to the world, human life, and revelation, as an experience emphasized by the language and religious expectations existential meaning are similar experiences and constitute not only as a result of a learning process, but as a process in itself, open and in constant renewal. The truth would not be where someone gets, but the roads by which someone takes. Finding the contact points and the possible mutual contributions of the philosopher Richard Rortys thought, and his edifying philosophy, and the philosopher Juan Luis Segundo, and his idea of revelation as a pedagogical process, will be my effort of approach between his propositions and the construction of a proposal which does not get rid of the human language and condition. The human being, who was marked by freedom, has in the contingency of his constructions a limit to his achievements and a space for his liberation of any dehumanizing process.


teologia da libertação. ciencias humanas neo-pragmatismo revelação verdade truth revelation neo pragmatismo theology of liberation.

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