A urbanização e os assentamentos subnormais de Feira de Santana




This work objective is to evaluate Feira de Santanas urbanization and the emerging of subnormal settlements in the city, which population extract is set in a solvent income gradient and it doesnt allow the access to rental or the acquisition of a house because of the actual rules imposed by the housing market, in a capitalist view of profit maximization and risk elimination, choose to operate with high acquisitive power classes, with free access to financial agents that, preferably, based in a economy of scale and credit selectivity, always share resources, including the Fundo de Amparo ao Trabalhador program that is supposed to provide aid to lower classes. Thereby, in a capitalist society, that concentrates wealth, it adopts a strategy of surplus value exploitation, low salaries maintenance, and a large mass of work force reserve without reposition that needs money to survive, contributes to raise the level of poverty and social inequality, which reflexes are noticed by the raise of the violence, criminality, drug trade and other problems, related to a population that is stigmatized and full of social prejudices. Feira de Santana, since the 70s, have gone past an accelerated urban process, without adequate financial resources to implement effective actions of city planning, primarily those related to the housing question, it became the adequate place to subnormal settlements appearing, in public areas or private ones, many of them areas of environment protection and preservation, that is, places without infrastructure, with lack of equipment and public use services. Places that dont offer the adequate conditions of human settlement, exposed to natural risks, they become occupied by the biggest part of the poor people of the county, for being underestimated and for not evoking the housing operators interest. Verified fact in a research developed in seven communities, which results were qualitative and quantitatively analyzed, supported by various studies about the focused questions. This study includes an approach about the cities and the historical process of urbanization, discuss the Brazilian urbanization, characterizes the county of Feira de Santana and finally profiles the adverse conditions faced by the inhabitants of these locations, spaces of a city with the second largest population of Bahia state, and it is entitled Portal do Sertão


ciencias sociais aplicadas subnormal settlements assentamentos subnormais exclusão social social inequality marginalidade social -- feira de santana, ba urbanizacao -- feira de santana, ba urbanization pobreza -- feira de santana, ba poverty

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