A tutela jurídica contra o superendividamento como aplicação do princípio da dignidade humana nas relações de crédito.




The theme of this research is the legal protection against consumer overdebtedness as an application of the Principle of human dignity. The objective of this research is to demonstrate if there is a legal protection to the one who is classified as a consumer overdebtednes in Brazilian legal sistem. For this purpose, the research was divided into four parts. In the first one it was discussed the changes in Civil Law owing to the process named constitutionalization and its influence over the private matters. In the same part it was demonstrated how the principle of human dignity influences ordinary legislation and to what extent it can interfere in private adjustments. In the second part, it was studied, especially, the credit, its regulation in legislation, the interest rates. In the following step, there was a discussion about the transformations that occurred in the elements of the general theory of contracts and the new principles created by good faiths principle. In the third part, the research focused on the consumer overdebtedness itself, its concept, typical elements, classification, legal regulation in foreign countries and to what institutes it is associated in Brazilian Law. Finally, in the last chapter, it was demonstrated that is assured legal protection although there isnt a specific article concerning about consumer overdebtedness lacking, therefore, its protection of a adequate legal treatment through specific legislation.


superendividamento princípio da dignidade humana consumer overdebtedness principle of human dignity tutela jurídica legal protection direito

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