A Teologia da Secularização de Harvey Cox e sua busca de plausibilidade para o Cristianismo / The Theology of Secularization of Harvey Cox and your search plausibility for the Christianity




Discusses Theology of Secularization as proposed by the Baptist theologian Harvey Gallagher Cox Jr., who emerged in the academic and literary scene in the 1960s in full uproar caused by the Radical Theology, popularly known as the Movement of the Death of God. Analyzes five major works of that author who deal directly with the secularization and its implications for Christianity both Catholic and Protestant, and this analysis highlights what Harvey Cox proposes to search for the plausibility of Christianity. Thus, it follows that not all claims that Harvey Cox did in the 1960s about religion were correct, such as those related to the decline of religiosity, however, other claims sound like "prophetic" and have occured accurately. Aditionally, in order to do justice to the thought of that theologian it should not identify him as a "theologian of the death of God", but rather as a "theologian of secularization". Finally, if Christianity, represented by the Church (Catholic and Protestant) wants to be considered relevant during these days and in the future must be engaged in the society and serve it even having to deal with the declared atheism of such society.


radical theology christianism ciencias humanas secularization teologia da secularização cristianismo theology of secularization secularização teologia radical

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