A temática da água desenvolvida na disciplina de Ciências numa perspectiva da educação ambiental: avaliando uma experiência no ensino fundamental.




The thematic of water was developed by the researcher in 2002, when she taught Science to 5th grade students from Elementary School, in an environmental approach. This research tried to investigate in which ways some elements from Science Teaching may contribute to students build a critical consciousness face to environmental problems. Our view concentrates on the educational process, recovering the developed experience and meeting those students again two years later, when they were on 7th grade by the time the researcher wasnt their teacher anymore. In this way, the aim was to verify if there were some references to the activities they experienced two years ago in their arguments. Regarding the methodologic aspects, we opted for a qualitative approach. To collect data we used some interviews and comprehension activities about the thematic of water that made by those students. We tried to analysed through theoreticals references, Paulo Freires ideas and some Environmental Education principles in which way we might understand, through the students arguments, the knowledge acquisition developed according to na environmental approach and some indictions about the building of a critical point of view about the world.


Água educacao ensino fundamental educação ambiental

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