A System to improve the management of 5G and IoT Networks by determining the Mobile Position


J. Microw. Optoelectron. Electromagn. Appl.




Abstract The interference in adjacent cells and the control of the boundaries have being vastly investigated since the conception of the first cell phone networks. A very large number of small cells are required for new 5G mobile networks, and therefore it is even more important to determine the correct mobile station positioning as well as the control boundaries. In order to minimize these problems, this paper proposes a simple and efficient system that improves the control of the Mobile Management Entity (MME) defined in the Release 8 of 3GPP. The system uses a tracking arrangement capable of determining the direction of the mobile station in the cell area. This information can be used to predict handover between adjacent nodes (changing of cell) minimizing a great problem, the high traffic in the backhaul network. In order to reach these goals, two or more receiver antennas are used as a Radio Direction Finder (RDF) and phase controlled directional antennas or massive multiple-input and multiple-output antennas pointing to different irradiation channels towards different directions. The theoretical section developed in this study was successfully confirmed by the experimental setup with results very closed to the developed formulation.

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