A study of the integrated management of urban solid wastes from São Carlos (SP) / Estudo da gestão e do gerenciamento integrado dos resíduos sólidos urbanos no município de São Carlos (SP)




This work intended to analyze some questions related to São Carlos urban solid wastes, aiming to propose guidelines to develop a plan for their integrated management, based on information provided by involved institutions and previous studies and experiences. This investigation was originated from the necessity of evaluating laws and processes involved in search of strategies that can minimize the negatives social-environmental impacts caused by wastes. These impacts obligate municipal administration to adopt emergency measures incapables to solve them. The study also pointed out the relation between solid wastes and water resources, considering the Tietê-Jacaré Hydrographic Basin as a planning unit, where the São Carlos city is inserted, since local governments decisions can modify the regional environmental quality. This research enabled the understanding of the solid wastes public politics importance, since the cities disordered growth and the lack of suitable areas for wastes final destination are consequences, in most cities, of the inexistence of an urban planning, what provides environmental degradation.


bacia hidrográfica tietê-jacaré urban planning planejamento urbano tietê-jacaré hydrographic basin urban solid waste gestão e gerenciamento integrado de resíduos sólidos integrated management of solid waste resíduos sólidos urbanos

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