A study about the portfolio selection problem / Um estudo do problema de escolha de portfólio ótimo




The process of selecting a portfolio is a classical problem in finance, where the investor intends to invest money in the stock market in such way that a reasonable trade-off between expected return and risk is obtained. In general, the higher the expected return of the portfolio is, the higher his risk will be. In this work the single period portfolio optimization problem is studied in terms of modeling and application for the Brazilian stock market. Referring to the model, changes are proposed to include the diversifiable and nondiversifiable risk. The diversifiable risk is included by imposing a minimum number of assets on the portfolio, while the nondiversifiable risk is controlled by restricting the portfolios beta. On the applications side, a method to estimate the probability of the assets historical returns is proposed, so more information about the market behavior is considered on the problem. The results were obtained by a optimal method to find the best solution and another one to generate the Pareto-optimal solutions, both developed using CPLEX


curva de pareto risk analysis. análise de risco mixed-integer programming pareto curve programação inteiro-mista portfólio ótimo single-period portfolio selection problem

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