A sorte é cega: Uma instalação performática / Luck is blind




This text is about a reflection concerning poetics and processes of creation, in the field of Creative Processes in Visual Arts, which resulted from the artist author herself, acknowledging many procedures and principles of great relevance in her production, such as:usage of word, game, appropriation, dislocation, transformation, multiplicity, accumulation,repetition and performing actions, pursuing this way a comprehension and articulation between hybrid and contemporary forms of visual expression. Throughout this process the principle of the game, in the act of operating with objects, words and actions, became a dominant procedure for the instauration of the final performing art piece Luck is Blind, which is connected to this dissertation culminating in the poetical research. The concept of game is based on the piece of work The Games and the Men by Roger Caillois. During the creative trajectory there is a dialogue with pieces of artists, such as Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol,Arman, Christo and Jeanne- Claude, Marina Abramovick, among others.


instalation performance processo criativo game creative process artes plasticas jogo instalação memory performance memória

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