A Segurança do conhecimento nas práticas da gestão da segurança da informação e da gestão do conhecimento




With the advent of an economic model called Knowledge Society, the knowledge has been identified and treated as a good, in other words, an organizational asset. It was verified the relevance of knowledge as an organizational asset, thus it evidenced the necessity to protect these assets. However, a gap to be searched was identified in the knowledge security approach in Information Science literature. Different authors identify the necessity to protect the knowledge as an organization asset, but they indicate that this subject has not been studied so much. This exploratory research was implemented like a case to verify the practical viability to the knowledge security management in the Federal Service of Data Processing (Serpro). As a result, it has been identified practical characteristics and evidences of the Knowledge Management Program and the Information Security Program in Serpro. It was also made a diagnosis using Organizational Knowledge Assessment (OKA) method and it was identified knowledge subjects in Serpro knowledge tree. Once the knowledge subjects were classified in knowledge assets and priority knowledge assets where these last ones were considered as knowledge security focus. However, a risk analysis was made to identify which risks could expose priority knowledge assets and the security measures necessary to minimize them. The score reached enabled the mapping of the knowledge security measure implemented by practices suggested in the risk analysis. But the knowledge security won‟t verify in a specific way in Knowledge Management Program and the Information Security Program in Serpro. It concludes with the presentation of basic elements for a proposal of knowledge security management model. It could contribute to introduce knowledge security management in organizations.


serpro segurança da informação segurança do conhecimento gestão da informação ciencia da informacao serpro organization asset information management knowledge asset ativos de conhecimento risk analysis knowledge security análise de risco knowledge management gestão do conhecimento ativos da organização information security

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