A Ritalina no Brasil: uma década de produção, divulgação e consumo / Ritalin in Brazil: a decade of production, dissemination and consumption


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The Ritalin, a commercial name for methylphenidate, has been more and more produced and consumed in Brazil. Only between 2002 and 2006, the Brazilian production of methylphenidate raised 465 per cent. Its bound to diagnosis of ADHD has been the main factor in order to justify such growth. However, the speeches which circulate around the subject and legitimize its use, also contribute for the sales advance. Those speeches are not freed of social points and they are the object of this research. This work intends to do an analysis of the Brazilian publications about Ritalin uses from 1998, when the medicine was authorized in Brazil, until 2008. For this purpose we made a search in all Brazilian psychiatric periodicals included in the site Scielo, as well as in the newspapers and magazines of greater circulation addressed for the public in general. In our analysis we have discussed which points are priorized and which ones are omitted at the speeches about methylphenidate in Brazil, and what are its possible effects at clinical practice with the patient. Furthermore, the differences in the priorities of information found at both kind of publication, lay and scientifical, are also discussed in this work.


metilfenidato ritalina conhecimento público divulgação saude coletiva distúrbio da falta de atenção com hiperatividade tratamento methylphenidate ritalin release public understanding

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