A retextualização como ação transformadora




The papers purpose is the study of the retextualize like a auxiliary process to the redaction development, having the orality like a start point for the writing expression. It is approached the textual coherency and comprehension about the linguistics facts showed and the modifications that compromised or not the understanding about the subject. The corpus which was used is the mensalão case and the texts produced by the students of the second degree of the São Paulos periphery. The mainly theories used was the Costa Val (1999/2002); Trevisan (1992); Preti (1994); Charolles (1978); Halliday e Hasan (1978); Broncarkt (1999) and Marcuschi (2000). The texts studied was the Primeira Renúncia, published by Folha de São Paulo and Fábrica de Fraudes, by Revista Veja. The mainly elements displayed was: (1) the occurrence of the reduction operations; (2) the texts informations level actualized; (3) add and inferences that allow the construction of a new text; (4) grammatical rules, cohesion and coherence elements used in the retextualize, following the grammatical normative; (5) sections texts which emphases the retextualize; (6) the reality social inserts in the redactions; (7) the reflection students attitudes about the owner textual productions. Like a result, its verified that retextualize become the textual production easer.


textuality writing retextualização retextualize orality ensino de língua portuguesa portuguese language teaching text textualidade escrita texto oralidade letras

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