A responsabilidade socio-ambiental: legitimação por meio do relatório da administração das empresas de telecomunicações listadas na BOVESPA / Social-environmental responsibility: legitimacy by administration reporting of telephony companies related in BOVESPA


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This research aimed to analyze the practices of corporate social and environmental responsibility identified in there administration reporting of the telecommunications companies listed on BOVESPA, published between 1998 and 2008, its trying to identify a strategy that involves the disclosure of such practices to the organizations legitimacy. To this gool, there was an exploratory and qualitative approach. It was found that the majority of telephone companies operating in Brazil began operations in 1998, and expanded there activitys in the last ten years. Identified a total of 1288 social practices highlighted in the administration reporting of the companies surveyed, with emphasis on TELEMIG PART, which reported the largest number of shares. It was also the practices of social responsibility were more widely directed was the employers of the organizations. Furthermore, was found three types of isomorphism - mimetic, normative and coercive - the actions of social responsibility and environmental reported by companies. Individually, VIVO was the organization that most used the mimetic isomorphism, the BRAZIL T PAR and TELEMIG PAR were the most practiced normative isomorphism, and T PAR BRAZIL, NL TELEMAR, TELEMAR, TELEMIG PSR and TELEMIG PAR were the ones that used the isomorphism coercive. Overall, it was observed that TELEMIG PAR was the company that used the isomorphism in their practice of corporate social and environmental responsibility. However, normative isomorphism is the most practiced by all of the companies surveyed. Thus, it appears that operators of telecommunications listed on BOVESPA used coercive isomorphism, normative and mimetic, especially the normative legitimacy as a strategy for the dissemination of their social practices in the period between 1998 and 2008


setor de telecomunicações responsabilidade socioambiental legitimação administracao financeira responsabilidade social da empresa; sistemas de telecomunicação - administração telecommunications sector social and environmental responsibility legitimation

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