A responsabilidade etica e legal do cirurgião-dentista em relação a criança maltratada




We live in a society where every day, the violence was explicited and sometimes, of cowardand cruel way- One of the most aggressive form, was characterized by abuse against defenselles been. Childrens have being abused victms in ali human history. Many authors have been affirmed the importance of the dentist in a suspection or conffirmation about child abuse cases. A great part of the physicallesions in abused child (about 2/3 lesions), are find in the head, face, mouth and neck, and, still ethical compromise to "take Gare af hea/th and patient s dignity", there s too, a compulsion to relate the abuse child meets for "responsible persans to health Gare institutians", in this case, the dentists, to department in charge to accept the denunciation. The present study had for objective to evaluate, how the brasilian dentists have to work in child abuse situations. Was distributed 470 questionnaires in 5 cities from São Paulo State (Brazil), had been evaluated 127, in final study. The results showed that the most dentists in actually haven t adequate conditions to detect ou to diagnose child abuse cases; in the legal point of view, the dentist want more informations about your conduct in child abuse; ignoring also about your legal punishment when the abuse child wasn t related to departament in charge to accept the denunciation (Tutelar Council or Infancy and Adolescence Judgeship); the orientation about child abuse wasn t offered in quality or quantity in graduate or pos-graduate courses of Dentistry, this way is necessary that the Federal and Regional Councils in Dentistry, the Dental Associations and Dental Schools, must to stimulate the debate of the theme, creating by this, a specific article in the codes, that control the profissional exercise and, finaly, is necessary that Dental Schools, must to stimulate the include in yours educacional programs, regular courses, of ethical and legal responsability to dentist, in relation to abuse child


prevenção do crime crime contra a criança odontologia legal etica violencia (direito)

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