A representação do espaço nos anos iniciais do ensino fundamental




The research has like an object the representation of the space on recommendations of National Curriculum Parameters - Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN), on review and on Guidelines of Didactic Books of PNLD/2007 and in Didactic Books in the early years of Fundamental Teaching. The representation is being understood in the context of this work, like a plurality of ostensive registers in which it is achieved mathematical activities in the study of solid geometrics. Thus, this research responds to the following question: What it is, to teach Space and Form today? It was guided with the following objectives: to investigate the orientations clearly provided by PCN, related to the study of representation of space in the early years of Fundamental Teaching; to observe the orientations of methodological rules provided by Guideline of Didactic Books; to analyze the evaluation of written and approved collections in this important source of reference to the teaching staff practice; and to analyze how it is being proposed the study of representations of solid geometrics in Didactic Books addressed to beginners student of the early years of Fundamental Teaching. A Phenomenological approach was realized to extract the speech by the source of influence of geometry teaching. The theoretical basis was based on Anthropological of didactic theory developed by Ives Chevallard the results shows up some relevant questions: An increasing valorization of Geometry study. the importance of different kinds of accomplishment of different kind of didactic articulations. The valorization of contextualization of schooling knowledge and from diversity of languages used in the representation of space teaching and from geometric knowledge of systematization.


educacao geometry teaching livros didáticos didactic books representation of space representação do espaço ensino da geometria

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