A reestruturação sócio-religiosa em Sergipe, no final do século XVIII




The issues surrounding the religious have been given greater importance in scientific discussions and the media. Discussions on religion and religiosity have become widespread as a means for construction of social representations, both as individual levels, in addition, in the collectivity. This work deals with the construction of the order of Jesus, missionaries and settlers of the projects that marked the presence of the Jesuit missionaries, from colonization to the religious restructuring imposed after the expulsion of the Jesuit Order in Sergipe. Expulsion is what happened in the midst of political and administrative changes made by the Portuguese government in the mid-eighteenth century, which had representation at the Marquis of Pombal its creator. Understanding the religious and social restructuring, designed here in the practices and representations of popular and official. This restructuring has had on the religious brotherhoods, religious orders and other representations, an important symbolic presence in the spaces sociorreligiosos linked to Catholic practices in Sergipe. Representation such that officially came into the vicars pasted their legal representatives, in the maintenance of religious practices in the boroughs and cities Sergipe


companhia de jesus hegemonia e coerção catolicismo popular e reestruturação religiosa em sergipe ciencias sociais society of jesus coercion and hegemony popular catholicism and religious restructuring in sergipe

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