A realidade do estágio supervisionado no ensino profissionalizante de nível médio : um estudo sobre o curso de Técnico Agrícola da Escola Agrotécnica Federal de Colorado do Oeste-RO




The present work discusses the reality of supervised internship in the mid-level vocational education, specifically, in the Technical Agriculture course with agropecuaria qualification and their implications in the students professionalization. The main focus was to analyze the supervised internship development model that has been applied in the Escola Agrotécnica Federal de Colorado do Oeste-RO. The model used was identified and analyzed, with reference in the legal requirements and normative, as well as, the literature on the subject. Were identified, analyzed and compared the different perceptions of the participants that have given live to this activity as well as the Coordination of School Community Integration, the grantors and the trainees. Was applied the study of qualitative case using documental analysis, observation and questionnaire as tools for data collection. The theoretical axle was constituted from Vásquez (2000), Pimenta (1995), Freitas (1996), Duarte (1986), Yoshioka (2005), Kuenzer (1991), Carvalho (2003), Kulcsar (1991), Buriolla (1995), Torres Santomé (1998), Gimeno Sacristán (2000), Ribeiro (1991), Menezes (2000), among others, whose discussions on internship, learning, work, education, curriculum, pointing the supervised internship as activity a theoretical-practical apprenticeship, which may constitute a bridge to the world of work. There was a formal and bureaucratic model, lacking in planning, monitoring, supervising and evaluating the results, which focuses, on the importance in the compliance with the hours to be accomplished, showing that was not integrated into the pedagogical proposal. This model has seen little legal requirements and standards, which contributes distance to the curricular characteristics of a theoretical-practical apprenticeship. It was found that the set of acts events and interactions which permeate the context of achieving these stages leave far behind the real potential of this educational event, minimizing the apprenticeship possibilities, allowing negative implications to the students professional training.


curriculum trabalho, teórico-prática supervised internship work currículo estágio supervisionado educação educacao theoretical-practical education

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