A questão do ator na estetica de Diderot / Actor s question in Diderot aesthetic




The dissertação deals with the analysis of the book "Actor´s Paradox" in the context of Diderot`s aesthetic. Its basic thesis says that a great actor is insensitive and should not feel the emotions that represent. The statement is analyzed by taking the meaning of the terms in the system of the Philosopher. The ideas of sensitivity, representation, genius, imagination and the concept of Beautiful are discussed from his texts and classic commentaries on the subject. In the first part, we deal with the articulation of the basic concepts of the aesthetic of Diderot and how it occurs in a problematic form, exciting some paradoxes. Also we deal with the place that the spectacle occupies in that aesthetic and the objective of theatrical effect guiding the development of the art as communication form and of the proper particularitities of its visual translation. In the second part we look for to discuss the basic concepts for the "Paradox" and to think the aesthetic and the philosophy of Diderot from its postulates. In the last part we make a presentation of the book that guides our research, treating to the historiographical questions and approaching its themes from the text itself


aesthetics arte estética arts

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