A questão das substâncias corporais em Leibniz / Question of substances bodies in Leibniz




Our main goal was to elucidate the role and ontological status of bodies of living beings in Leibnizianism. To do this, we start from Cartesian ontology which transforms bodies in substances whose essence is the extension comprehended geometrically. Then, we analyze the critics made by Leibniz to this ontology as well as the new ontology of forces and monads that he uses to surpass all the limitations and errors of Cartesianism. Ultimately, we finish with the consideration that, due to all critics made against the Cartesian extension, there is no, as some commentators sustains, notion of corporeal substance which rehabilitates the materiality or extension; actually, the leibnizian corporeal substance has to be understood according to an idealistic ontology. Along the way, we could also perceive some of the scientific developments which the new Leibnizian ontology brought about, as, for example, the appearing of a dynamic physics and the thesis of pre-formation of living beings in the field of physiology.


leibniz substance and body descartes descartes leibniz substância e corpo

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