A prÃtica docente expressa com ludicidade: um repensar sobre as regras do jogo educativo na escola pÃblica




This study sought to understand how the constitutive principles of a teaching practice expressed to ludicidade contribute to the change of treatment with the knowledge in classes from the 1st cycle of elementary school. This is a qualitative research-based, for which weâve taken Ethnomethodoly as the methodological approach, because it was submitted that most provided subsidies to deal with our object of study - the teaching practice expressed to ludicidade. Used as procedures for collecting data, the narrative interview and participant observation, and for analysis of the data, the principles of Ethnomethodoly: practice and execution, indicialidade, reflection, accountability and concept of membership. Based on the reasoning of the principles that guide the teaching practice expressed to ludicidade, the search to reveal that: for the players-teachers, the sense of ludicidade is still tied to the game and play, while itâs significance approach of all the fundamentals reasons of the study: the search for harmony of reason and sensibility, in the process of teaching and learning, the principles related come in various forms of expression, both in words as in actions of those involved, so simultaneous and in a relationship of interdependence of the process emerged the principle of respecting the rules built, the qualification of the process of teaching and learning, which is the foundation expressed to ludicidade teaching practice, consider the reason and sensibility of the players-students and makes the knowledge effectively to life, changing, greatly, the deal with the knowledge from the epistemological basis, extending the planning, the selection, the organization and systematization of the content of teaching and the way they are presented to players-learners. In addition to the above changes, new data emerged, got different configuration and constitution in that process - a significant learning and affection for knowledge â which are relevant and must be investigated


establishing principles prÃtica docente, ludicidade, princÃpios constitutivos educacao ludicidade trato com o conhecimento dealing with the knowledge teaching practice

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