A prática do professor e o papel do aluno num evento social de leitura




This research is included in the Applied Linguistics area. The theme which has been studied is both the practice of the researcher-teacher and the graduation of the student who is a Foreign Language reader. The reasons that take me to cosntruct this research were students selflessness in the classroom due to reading of text and the conflict in my faculty practice. Such research is justified by the change of practice relating to said sort of teacher, who, by means of think-aloud in group (Zanotto, 1998), becomes a mediator and orchestral teacher via revoicing (OConnor &Michaels, 1996) of student contribution, giving chance, inside the classroom, to the effective expression of such voices. The aforementioned change of faculty practice, substantiated in a Paulo Freire (1970) pedagogy, contributes to the graduation of the Foreign-Language-reader student, who sees the reading manufacturing process via the co-construction of sense dealed between the research participants. Studies about the question based on the authors like Coracini (2002), Ricardo (2002), Nuttall (1982) e MacKay (2001) were used to establish the categories of analysis and contribute in the corresponding discussions. Furthermore, the retrospective interview of students is known as a component which helps the faculty action thought. It is intended to be an action-research, with ethnographical characteristics, which emphasizes the interaction between researcher and interviewees, as well as not only the process, but also the result, paying attention to value the previous experiences and skills of the participants, and, finally, the natural environment which is the classroom. After the data had been analyzes, the results showed that the practice of think-aloud in group contribute to the graduation of the student in a Foreign Language reader and make them activer, the use of reading strategies and the mother tongue make easier the reading of English texts and the importance of reflection for the life of the teachers


linguistica aplicada prática docente pedagogia critica leitura reading pratica de ensino faculty practice

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