A prática cotidiana do assistente social na escola-privada




This study discuss the daily practice of the social worker in the private school and its aim is comprehend and analyze the way the social workers that work in private schools, the research was done in Marista’s schools in the south of Brazil. The researches’ methodology is based on qualitative approach. The results were collected by interviews done by 4 social workers from Marista’s schools of the following cities: São Paulo –SP , Ribeirão Preto – SP and Curitiba – PR. The theoretical construction was done with the aims of the present study, pass by discussion among Brazil’s education in public and private scope, of the neoliberal system , and of the third sector, while an executor of the educational politic . The theoretical reference is also done by na explanation about the of the professional work of social work, with emphasis in the discussion about the day by day of the worker. We treated about the social work at schools and more specific at Marista’s schools , characterized by a place surrounded by limits, difficulties, challenges and foremost conques.


study and teaching serviço social como profissão assistentes sociais - prática profissional serviço social - estudo e ensino - brasil social service

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