A possibilidade de incorporar a pesquisa na prática cotidiana do professor do ensino fundamental




This research aims to verify the possible link between teaching and research in teachers work in basic education. The research was conducted in a Municipal Elementary School in the city of Campinas, with teachers and students of the first years of Elementary School. We analyzed documents, as the Pedagogical Project of the school and texts presented by students, and also interviewed students and teachers in order to clarify their conceptions of research. The results of this research point out that it is possible to develop a pedagogical practice in Elementary School articulating teaching and research, and taking research as a way to promote intellectual and integral development of students, as well as integration between school and its community. Nevertheless, to achieve this objective, it is necessary that the school, and the educational system as a whole, offer conditions for projects like the one exposed in this study to achieve success.


educação básica educational research educacao pesquisa educacional ensino e aprendizagem basic education learning and teaching

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