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This dissertation deals with the research training of the teacher who works in Basic Education. This discussion has emerged as one of the important points in education, specifically in the discussion on teacher training. The big question of this investigation is: which formative elements have primary education teachers to work on research in school life? From the above investigation the overall goal of the research may be expressed as follows: Understanding research in the context of teacher education and its implications and consequences on life and work of teachers at Dr. Danúzio Férrer a Elementary an Fundamental School for Children. Because of this goal, the specific objectives of this research have been outlined, : To investigate the outcoming production of theoretical researchers on teachers education; To ponder on teachers training, and checking with them contributions and gaps left by this proceeding concerning research work; Analyze the connection between teaching and research within the Basic Education from the practice of teachers belonging to Dr. Danúzio Férrer Elementary School.To collaborate, through meetings for reflection on practice with the development strategies of the above mentioned school to develop a research work performed in the classroom. The methodology used was the critical collaborative action research, which included the participation of seven teachers of that school. Data gathering was performed from the periodic holding of meetings for training and reflection on practice, which took place between March and October, totaling 100 hours of activities which included individual and group interviews and questionnaires. To support this reflection ideas were explored (Lima2001, 2010), Ghedin, Pimenta, on the training of teachers, Stenhouse (2007), Elliott (2005) and Zeichner (1993) regarding the theory of the teacher researcher; Lüdke (2001 ) On the connection between teaching and research in Basic Education, and Thiollent (2007), Barbier (2007), Dione (2007), Franco (2005, 2009) and Andrew (1995), and Zeichner (1993); Ibiapina (2008) On action research and critical collaborative action research. The study results show that there are many gaps left by teacher training concerning research as well as some difficulties which objective reality presents to teachers of Basic Education for the development of a research study, either stemming from public policy ,institutions in particular, or even the teacher himself. However, it is possible to overcome this reality. The critical collaborative action in this research has opened the possibility for the school teachers, whatever their interests and motivations to perform three searches, entitled: "Religiosity of Iborepi: demonstrations and popular beliefs," "The consequences of drought of 1979-1983 for the people of Iborepi "and" Education in the district of Iborepi.


pesquisa-ação crítico-colaborativa. professor pesquisador formação de professores pesquisa educacao teacher training research research teacher critical-collaborative action research.

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