A perspectiva no olhar: ciência e arte do renascimento




Recent academic works comes approaching fear from the perspective and as the three-dimensional space can be represent two-dimensionality. This work propose contribute in the pole of the view and in the pole of the know about the three-dimensional space across of arising from techniques of the Italian Renaissance. The inquiry gives-itself about the discovery from the perspective in the Quattrocento, where Italian cities they provided, graces to an assembly of factors, the development of a technique from the painting that aimed at better represent the space. Inserted inside this historical-social context, went elaborated a sequence of activities inspired in works of the painters and architects of that epoch, in order to prepare the look at the comprehension of the techniques from the perspective and from the projective geometry and spatial. It intends, like this, cause to an analysis about the domain of the perspective techniques use in Renaissance works, that, with the progress of the look, will permit the acquisition of the space painted, reconstructed in a representation by means of models


perspectiva história da arte renascimento perspective geometria art history geometry educacao matematica perspectiva matematica -- estudo e ensino matematica história da matemática renaissance mathematic history

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