A percepção da qualidade de serviço aplicada em uma instituição de ensino superior




At this time that our country passes for great transformations economic politics and, trying to insert itself in high1y competitive a world-wide context, the company needs a differential for its services and it is by the measurement of the quality of sel1 ices perceived by the customer who the company establishes this differential. The higher objective of this work was to identify the quality of services of a University Center in Anapolis/GO, in accordance with the perception of its pupils, using as evaluation instrument suitable model SERVQUAL. The model SERVQUAL will have to be validated its application after, proving or its effectiveness for to measure of quality in the joined sector of education and results the improvements of the package of services offered and the process will not have to be presented as instrument of decision taking how much


qualidade dos produtos gestão da qualidade total

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