A "Pedagógica" de Enrique Dussel: elementos comparativos com Paulo Freire / Pedagogical of Enrique Dussel: the comparative elements with Paulo Freire




This work was elaborated with the objective to show the propose of liberation included in Dussels Pedagogic and Freires comparatives elements. Thus, relationship of domination of I from center over the Other from periphery can be transformed through the critical attitude of dominated to not accept the systems impositions. People can only perceive themselves oppressed when learn to see themselves free. In fact, they must develop critical capability to see the world around them. Theres the denouncement of oppression as Dussel as Freire and announcement of liberation. In addition, the pedagogics principle is defended as a thinker as other one as only way that liberation can be obtained. People that seek liberation must, over all, emphasize own culture and critical capability to see the world. Work followed a demonstrative way. From Dussels theory to practice, Pedagogic with elements of Freires pedagogy that enrich the practice. Enrique Dussel seeks elements from Hellenic and Semites culture to understand the latin-americans identity. Both culture base, respectively, domination and liberation. Dussel and Freire find in Semites éthos the respect by Other, the main attitude to liberation


filosofia problematizadora education philosophy of the release Ética freire, paulo -- 1921-1997 -- crítica e interpretação dussel, enrique d. -- 1934- -- crítica e interpretação filosofia da libertação educação problematizadora pedagogical banking education educação bancária ethics

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