A Pastoral da Juventude na Diocese de Pesqueira : memÃrias e prÃticas sociais (1967-1985)




The central focus of our inquiries is the attempt of understanding, in a historical perspective, of practical the partner-pastorais developed by the Pastoral of the Youth of the Diocese of Pesqueira, from 1967 until 1985. For the reach of this objective, we analyze the discursive productions and social practices of the groups of young, relating them to the socio, political, cultural and religious context where the same ones had occurred. Such practicals showed the difference of coexistentes eclesials models in the scope of the Pastoral of the Youth (PJ). The ethical-religious ideas that served of propeller spring of these youthful practices revealed multifaceted, too. The representations weaveed for the memories of priests and young that had acted in the PJ show it as heterogeneous movement as the conceptions of world and Church, options practical - pastorais, methodology of communitarian work, forms of group organization and fields of social performance. Basically, two discrepantes eclesiais models inform the practical ones to the young: (1) identified with the project of Popular Church, young develops practical in specific social ways, among others young e poor communities, preferentially, assuming the perspective of construction of a brothehood Church and society; (2) in a more traditional line, young reduce its action to the field of the institutional catholicism, revealing assÃduos in the prayer, the biblical and doctrinal studies, in rituals, liturgical and catequÃticas practices. Youthful pratical had suffered deep transformations since the beginning from years 80, under the influx of the new pastorals lines of direction of the Church in the government of Johanes Paulus II. Lookins for to point out the neoconservatin orientation of the Church in the context of the culture contemporary called aftermodern, characterized for the atomization of the existence, for the individualism, as well as for the shipwreck of the collective utopias of transformation of the social and politics order


igreja historia politics youth culture pastoral action religiÃo juventude cultura church aÃÃo pastoral polÃtica religion

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