A participação do poder legislativo no controle do serviço secreto brasileiro




It introduces the historical process of the brazilian secret service, created by militaries. Checks the relation of this activity with the Executive, having by main view the legislative s actuation as an instrument of control and of inspection over this activity. Develops the politic s meaning of the State secret, that happens also in democratic governments. Points out the necessity of control and inspection of the state secret activity, objectiving shelter the democratical ideals. Searchs an investigation about this theme having by horizon the justificative for the use of this service by democratic Modern State and observes the changes promoted in Brazil after 1988 s governments, searching a way of stablish a public control over this activity. Discuss about the role of the Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (ABIN), that s the central agency of the actual system. It presents the mains discussions promoted by Legislative about this subject. Shows that all brazilian intelligence systems are coordinated by Gabinete de Segurança Institucional (GSI), that s in accordance with the actual laws is a Departament with a military nature. It shows the advances and the deficiencies about the effectuation of an efficient control by Legislative. It uses as main sources the analisis of the registers done by Comissão Mista de Controle das Atividades de Inteligência (CCAI), besides the legislation that deals about secret service, including the Lw nº 9.883/1999, that created ABIN. It reachs the conclusion that the control of the state secret service done by Legislative isn t efficient by now and has the maintenance of the military interference in this subject.


serviço secreto - brasil serviço de inteligência - brasil informações (segurança nacional) poder legislativo ciência política - brasil political science secret service intelligence service legislative power

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