A oralidade e o processo de ensino/ aprendizagem: práticas de letramento: eventos de sala de aula em uma escola pública de Salvador/Bahia.




This work, result of the research of the ethnographic character, approach the orality in the Portuguese language taught. The object of study make reference to the space of the orality in the Portuguese language teaching, taking the orality conception while interative social practice to comunicatives destinations, with apresentation about varied forms oder texts kinds based in the voiced reality, in the most used contexts kinds. The principal objectives are to describe and to comprehend the oral practices in the classroom. For this intent, two classrooms of the 8 grade during two units and some events were jagged with the focalization in the orality were observed. The assumed methodology made use of the instruments such us interviews, questionaries and notes of camp, how about the transcript of the some events, taking how base the follow research questions:1. what is significances does the teacher to get for the student speaks in the classroom? and 2. how is the didactic material used by the teacher for to work on the orality? How the research principal collaborators, the participation of the two teachers and your students in the classroom observed. To the analysis procedure and data discussion, the events were divided in two distinct blocks, however inter related: first, it was analised the orality in the teachers conception; and the orality in the students conceptions, through the description of the events in the classrooms. In relation to the pedagogy practice, the results show that the realization of the activities related with the orality is centered in the written activitie. The conception about orality have direct relation with the reading spoken, as if the two practices were synonyms. So, its possible to concluse that the spoken space, in the public school practice, its secudary, with predominance of the activities that to privilege the students written production.


aprendizagem professores e alunos letras oralidade língua portuguesa (ensino fundamental)

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