A nova roupagem do controle e manutenção da pobreza : os programas de transferência condicionada de renda na América Latina


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




To analyze the connection between the conditions in income transfer programs and the historical control / maintenance of poverty possible by Latin American social policy is configured as general purpose of this thesis. For this, historical aspects have been problematized, which were relevant to the development of social policies and, contextual factors, determinants for the proliferation of income transfer programs in Latin America. It has been prepared an overview of income transfer programs running from 1990 to 2010, in which they were established and consolidated in most countries of the region, through the mapping and analysis of the collection of information about the different components, history and main characteristics. Furthermore, a detailed study of these programs in Brazil and Mexico was focused, to understand its historical and structural aspects and highlight their similarities and singularities. In this regard, it was identified that the basic and central structure in the design of income transfer programs consists in the delivery of monetary resources to the families in extreme poverty, on the condition that they fulfill certain conditions on health and education area, as a requirement to insert and attendance of children and adolescents in school; and, of children, pregnant and lactating women in health services. Therefore, it was carried out a critical analysis of the conditions, from a socio-historical approach, in order to discuss the contradictions that permeate these requirements to the beneficiaries because it is understood that the conditions, which apparently stand as something new and simple, represent, in fact, new clothing control and maintenance of poverty refined in the logic of the access to social rights , which is understandable as a remarkable setting in the composition of Latin America social policies.


pobreza - amÉrica latina programas de transferÊncia de renda polÍtica social - amÉrica latina serviÇo social servico social

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