A nostalgia do fordismo : elementos para uma critica da Teoria Francesa da Regulação




The present work goes for taking into a critical and united account the political evolution of the theoretical program developed by the French Theory of Regulation. In order to do that we chose to deal with texts which, recover a certain range of texts, from the so considered founding work of the "Paris School", i. e., Michel Aglietta Regulationand crisis of capitalísm(1976), till the newest regulationist formulations, dedicated to the planning of a new post-fordist way of development better tuned up with the project of consolidation of the European Union. Yonder the identification and analysis of the different moments whereby the "first generation" of the regulationist current (above alI Boyer, Coriat and Lipietz, besides, of course, Aglietta) has ripened its theoretical program, we appeal to formulations from authors like Benjamin, Gramsci and Marx intending to unpuzzle theoretical political determinations (specially reformism and the ideology of progress) which, have stipulated the regulationists celebratory gathering to the institutionalist evolutionism field


crise economica relações economicas internacionais trabalho - organização - aspectos sociais economia marxista

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