A model for evaluating efficiency - an application in information technology and systems investments


Pesqui. Oper.




Despite being widely applied in real problems that tackle evaluating efficiency, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) models are frequently criticized on account of the weights of evaluation criteria often being defined loosely. Thus, approaches to incorporating value judgments in DEA models have been used in order to obtain more consistent results with managerial reality. It is against this background that this paper proposes a DEA model for evaluating efficiency, where the value judgments of those responsible for evaluation, regarding the criteria, are defined based on the philosophy of the SMARTS method and incorporated into the model by the Assurance Region (AR) method. The model proposed is applied using information about the investments made in the area of Information Technology and Information Systems by Brazilian banks The aim is to exemplify the application of the model and raise points for discussion with regard to its merits.

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