A Mineração de Brita na Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro




The crushed stone mining directly supplies the raw material used in civil construction, making possible the execution of basic infrastructure, construction and paving works in general, playing a fundamental role in the urban development. Such development along with the necessity of the supplier-consumer proximity has approximated the population and the mineral enterprises (quarries), as well as the impacts associated with the mining production, such as dust, noise and vibrations. The Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro (MRRJ) consists in a clear example of quick urban development and the conflicts associated with crushed stone mining. The present study analyzes the feasibility of crushed stone mining in the MRRJ considering its multiple aspects and building a diagnosis of the activity as well as of its economical, environmental and social interactions. The basic information was collected through extensive research and technical visits to the quarries. Based on the collected data, a location map of the MRRJ quarries was plotted, and it was also possible to perform a survey of their environmental impacts, extraction methods, environmental control, and degraded area recovery instruments. All visited companies in the MRRJ have an Environmental Control Plan (ECP) and a Degraded Area Recovery Plan (DARP), which present basically projects and actions in order to mitigate and control the environmental impacts inherent to the activity. Through the present work it is possible to conclude that the crushed stone mining faces a delicate moment in the MRRJ, suffering pressures from the population and government agencies responsible for the environmental licensing, due its impactive character. Although difficult, the impasse solution is necessary given the infrastructure need and the restriction imposed by the mineral occurrence. These facts demand wider communication between the government agencies and the entrepreneurs. This communication must result in an adequate and realistic planning that involves technical improvements and environmental commitment from the entrepreneurs as well public policies to support them. This interaction must have as its only target the improvement of the population life quality which is assured by an environmental conscious development.


engenharia de minas mineração brita impacto ambiental.

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