A mineraÃÃo de agregados na regiÃo metropolitana de Fortaleza: impactos ambientais e conflitos de uso e ocupaÃÃo do solo / The mining of aggregates in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza: environmental impacts and use conflicts and land use


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The Metropolitan Area of Fortaleza has great potential natural and economic for the development of mining of aggregates. Diversity of lithology ensures good supply of material for immediate use in civil construction and economic growth associated pent-up demand by building housing and also the deficiencies, of urban structure form the scenery favorable to expansion of this activity in the region. It is a activity of environmental impacts in the physical and social, both positive and adverse. Is responsible for the generation of jobs and revenue publics, an activity very important the growth of other branches of economy and urban development and at the same time causes serious changes on landscapes and environment. In The Metropolitan Area of Fortaleza, many companies do not observe care in their activities to mitigate the consequences it can have on their surroundings. Another important is the conflicts of soil use. The mining dispute with other forms of occupation and activities such as industry, agriculture and the urban growth, territorial space in the region. Added to this, limitations natural and physical environment of regions and metropolitan areas of environmental interest in the form of Units Conservation e Areas of Permanent Preservation, where mining should be prohibited or limitations performed with more stringent. The Metropolitan Area of Fortaleza has a good set of areas of environmental interest established legally, but lacks territorial planning that takes into account the importance of mining in the growth of regions reduce or avoid conflicts of use and occupancy of the soil, ensuring the supply of aggregates the local economy, input to its growth.


geociencias mineraÃÃo crescimento urbano zoneamento ambiental mining urban growth environmental zoning agregados (materiais de construÃÃo) solo - uso impacto ambiental - avaliaÃÃo

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