A logistica da precarização : terceirização do trabalho na Honda do Brasil




This dissertation is a study about the role of outsourcing in the process of the causalization of work based on the experience of the outsourced workers in Honda of the Brazil.We wanted to know the fundamental elements in this outsourcing process and its consequences for the construction of subjectivity in these workers. In order to do so, two procedures were adopted: a literary research about the theme and its main unfoldings was done and nineteen semi-directive interviews with the workers of the services supplier and union leaderships involved with the category were conducted. The results of the research show us that the causalization of work is a face of the capitalist productive restructuring. In this causalization process, to outsource part of the production tasks is, basically, a strategy of reducing costs with the labor force and also a mechanism of division among workers. These processes, however, don t occur without the resistance of the workers. The subjectivity that is also built in the working process reveals contradictions between the resistance and the consent or cooperation with the interests of the capital. Thus, it also shows important cracks in its project of global domination


terceirização industria automobilistica - organização trabalhadores da industria automobilistica logistica discriminação

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