A journey throughout the SESC´s: an analysis of time-space changes / Um percurso pelos SESCs: uma leitura das transformações tempo-espaciais




This very research project aims at studying the architecture of the units of the SESC (Serviço Nacional do Comércio) in the State of São Paulo, from the founding of that institution to this date, showing the changes occurred in such architecture and drawing parallels with the evolution of the concepts of the institution as well as with brazilian architecture, especially in São Paulo, over the same period. For such, a more specific analysis is intended of a certain number of units which are considered paradigmatic, and also exemplify the different phases identified in the transformation process of the institution, bringing about a critical approach to the subject, investigating, through the research process, important aspects of the brazilian cultural and architectural production.


culture arquitetura cultura lazer architecture leisure sesc sesc

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