A Internet, o Comportamento do Consumidor e as Práticas de Marketing / Internet, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Practices




In the current competitive landscape, where the Internet plays a significant role in the customer-enterprise relationship, marketing professionals and academicals face the challenge of understanding the major changes and trends in consumer behavior, as well as the main competitive factors that cause a transformation in the competitive market dynamics. The clear understanding of the nature of these changes is a must and a requirement in order to adopting new tools and courses of action which are more adequate in face of the new market environment. This study discusses these issues, in order to contribute to finding anwers to important questions as the following: What is the nature of the major changes in the consumer behavior in relation to the Internet? What will happen in the customer relationship with brands, products, companies, and sales channels? What are the critical success factors for companies to compete in the new virtual marketspace?


mercado virtual: conceito marketing na internet comércio eletrônico: conceito estratégias de marketing economia digital: conceito revolução tecnológica comportamento do consumidor: conceito valor para o cliente interatividade

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