A internacionalização das grandes empresas brasileiras de capital nacional dos anos 90




The thesis concems the degree and direction of the process of intemationalization of the production of national capital in the 1990s. The study is supported in its conceptual elements underlying the process of intemationalization as well as in the discussions around the transformations of the Brazilian economy in the last decade, especially around those related to the processes of the opening up of the economy and the restructuring of industry. The analysis is based on the data from the boards of national companies, selected from among the 500 largest in the country, and it shows that, with rare exceptions, the degree of intemationalization of the production of the large companies with national capital is low, as much frem the point of view of the amount of production in Brazil that is destined for export as from the point of view of what they produce outside of the country byway of foreign investment


comercio exterior - promoção empresas industriais - brasil exportação - brasil fluxo de capitais - brasil

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