A integração entre tecnologia e produto nas empresas de base tecnológica de São Carlos / Product and technology integration in technology-based firms in São Carlos




Innovation not only master a technology, generating prototypes and patents. We need to go beyond, to introduce products to market that make use of the technology developed. One of the challenges therefore is to ensure the integration of technology and product development in order to minimize risks and maximize the outcome. The theoretical model presents problems of integration, discussed in this work, and there are few reports on the status of national companies in practice. The literature review, combined with a case study, demonstrate the elements involved in technology-product integration phenomenon. It also identified as two key components, called the synchronization strategy and innovation strategy. The research aims to characterize and analyze the innovation and synchronization strategies in the context of innovative product designs of technology-based firms affiliated to the Technological Park of São Carlos. The survey found 24 successful projects for each company that participates or participated in ParqTec or participated in a total of 35 companies that designed products involving hardware and software. Companies adopt predominantly simultaneous synchronization and the technology development originates from the need for a product desired by the market (top-down strategy). The result indicates that the vast majority of companies do not differentiate the product and technology and therefore does not have differentiated and integrated management of both, which, according to the literature, may lead to waste of time and greater risk in innovation. The work suggests possible causes and issues for future research.


processo de desenvolvimento de produto e tecnologia tecnologia technology technology and product development process

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