A inserção das aguas subterraneas no sistema de abastecimento : um estudo de caso na Avenida Paulista São Paulo




The main motivation for this research is the characterization of groundwater resources to supply the Municipality of São Paulo. Part of the city is located at high altitude, including Paulista Avenue, the financial center of Brazil. Under the local and regional perspective of groundwater resources characterization, the research gives insights that these resources should be no longer considered as strategic source of water supply, but of fundamental importance for a large number of users. In order to achieve these goals, we have adopted procedures as: - a huge research of data related to exploration of groundwater from main database as SABESP, DAEE and even water users; - survey of literature records about the topic in the RMSP (metropolitan area of São Paulo city) , including theses, dissertations, scientific papers; - visit and monitoring of selected water producing wells in terms of groundwater level and pH. It was found that the groundwater resources corresponds to 57% of user s need. In addition, it was verified that strategic importance of the groundwater consuption has increased because: - pollution of surface water; - high cost due to supply and sanitation services; - deficit of drinking water in the RMSP and limitations of the water supplier company in providing additional volumes because of restrictions in a) investment and b) availability of water without harming the natural capability of supply of the natural hydrographic basin. Finally, this work has demonstrated that: a) the groundwater is, on average, of good quality; b) well s the quality of wel constructions changes from users; c) the legislation about the use of water has been only in part fulfilled; - since water supply is of paramount importance, the Authorities must consider its insertion in the management of water resources


hidrologia aguas subterraneas - são paulo (estado)

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